Why we launched ‘Business – it’s Personal’

Why we launched ‘Business – it’s Personal’

From finding ways to grow your business to recruiting the next generation of talent and achieving an impressive exit – the journey of a business owner is both testing and atypical.

It is also incredibly personal.

When you’re responsible for its founding, its success and its future – the ups and downs of running a business can affect you that bit more.

The triumphs might bring a broader smile; the setbacks might take a little longer to get over.

That is why we launched ‘Business – It’s Personal’: to deliver insight on the issues that we know matter most to founders and owners. The series taps into the first-hand experience and knowledge of our people from all around the world, with the aim of helping organisations thrive in 2020 and beyond.

It includes Mazars experts who have ‘been there, done that’, successfully helping their clients turn ambition into reality, as they give advice and share expertise.

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From succession to sustainability, international expansion to hiring Gen Z, these articles shine a light on contemporary and complicated areas of business.

The series includes Mazars’ experts dealing with topics such as: ‘How to successfully scale and grow your business’ and ‘Three simple steps to kickstart your sustainability strategy.’

At Mazars, we work with over 50,000 privately-owned businesses worldwide: from helping start-ups comply with local regulatory requirements, to building international growth strategies for established companies, and succession planning for mature family businesses.

We know business is personal, so we are committed to acting as partners to our clients – providing them with the right team, tools and expertise.

And we go further: we are always striving to deliver more than a set of services. We work to give our clients confidence and support them in creating value, sharing their passion and building a legacy that lasts.

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